What We Teach:

Great Beginnings’ curriculum is carefully constructed and individualized to ensure the success of all of our students. Our mornings are structured and teacher directed while our afternoons are play based giving your child a healthy balance. 

Our philosophy focuses on a diverse approach that can be implemented through: 

  • different modalities such as hands on learning, sensory exploration, and play
  • various forms of art and crafts
  • group projects, storytelling, and exercises
  • varied educational centers including the dramatic play center, and art/music area.  

These tools at our disposal, spark the creative interests and curiosity of your little one while promoting emotional maturity and proactive social interactions.  By balancing traditional instruction in language development, literacy, math, social studies, and science with art, music, and dance, Great Beginnings adopts a philosophy that focuses on the child as a whole and provides advantage for future problem solving, critical thinking, communication, and collaboration.  Each month, every preschool classroom has a set curriculum that focuses on themes, letters, numbers, shapes, colors and values.

We employ a multi-faceted approach that includes songs, games, puppets, and art in our effort to create a developmentally stimulating environment.  Additionally, you can be assured that we place strong emphasis on values and character, especially respect and empathy.

Knowing that a consistent routine is key for every child to flourish at this stage in their life, Great Beginnings provides a safe space where your child is given the chance to explore, imagine and create as many opportunities as possible to maximize their potential.