2 Years Old

Our two year old class is always bustling with action. The children are exposed to many different forms of sensory play such as painting, play dough, messy play, and water play. Our 2s love to participate in music and movement daily. Finger plays and story time is a big favorite as well. Each child is encouraged to work on their communication ability to increase their language and listening skills. Fine and gross motor activities to build strong muscles to develop the whole child are encouraged on a daily basis.  The preschoolers have two, big fenced-in yards to enjoy while they run, play, ride bikes, plant, blow bubbles, paint, and just have fun exploring nature.  

On their second birthday, children are moved into the preschool component of Great Beginnings.  Toilet training may start in our 2s class if the child is developmentally ready. While your child is in training, they will need to wear pull-ups that close on the side and be completely dry for two weeks consecutively in the school setting before they move on to regular underwear.