As teachers, we will do our very best to help your children transition back to school life, and provide them with a strong support system and safety net. By being predictable, reliable, consistent, and offering choices on a daily basis, your child will feel more secure during this difficult time. Now more than ever, we will provide your child with a structured day to create a sense of stability. We can only imagine what your children have experienced in the last few months; therefore, we will be here as an empathetic role model.  We will listen, reassure, and guide your little ones socially and emotionally in order to establish trust, dependability, and security so that they will feel safe and comfortable in their school environment.

All of our staff members are strictly abiding by the protocols issued to us by the Health Department. That being said, we believe we are the safest, highest quality, and cleanest place for your children to be.  However, it is impossible to guarantee that there will never be an infection at our facility. Throughout the course of the day, our staff members will be cleaning and sanitizing frequently and monitoring the children for any signs of illness. We are compliant with all universal precautions as required today by the Health Department.

Wishing you all the best! Stay healthy and safe!

Thank you,

Your Great Beginnings Family