Mission and Philosophy:

At Great Beginnings, we respect the learning process by giving your child the attention and tools they need to succeed.  In order for your child to thrive and flourish, we believe each child must first and foremost feel safe, comfortable, happy, and secure in their environment.  At Great Beginnings, our goal is to encourage curiosity, critical thinking and a love of learning through hands-on age appropriate exploration, sensory stimulation, as well as, fine and gross motor development.  

 Our program empowers children to express their emotions through the use of their words.  We facilitate individuality by providing different forms of socialization and multiple types of motivational activities, learning centers (including dramatic play and art), times dedicated to creative and critical thinking and age appropriate play.  Our teachers instill the core values of respect, strong morals, inclusion and caring for each other and our surroundings, along with honesty, responsibility, individual uniqueness, high self-esteem/self-worth and personal independence so that your child can grow into an accountable, self-sufficient, and motivated learner.  At Great Beginnings, we provide your child with the key building blocks to aspire and achieve their hopes and dreams with the anticipation that your child will discover and learn about their unique characteristics.