I want to share that I went through Yelp and other websites when I was researching for a daycare and school for my twin toddler girls. At that time three years ago Great Beginnings already had glowing reviews on Yelp.  This is what made me go and check the school out. I’m glad that I did and that the reviews turned out to be accurate reviews. My children were happy at this school. The school fosters a safe, fun and good learning environment. The school has a good curriculum with Spanish, music and dance classes.  Their summer camp activities are awesome as well. They have dress-up days, reptile and magic shows, etc.  3 meals are also provided with snacks in between. Their hours are from 6:30am to 6:30pm which works with our schedule. The director, Ms. Rosie and Administrator Ms. Regina are great and responsive. Their teachers are awesome and have been with the school for years.

Our family and I are thankful for the way the school nurtured our children and have given them a great start.  Thank you so much!  The girls and our family will truly miss this school and the friendly staff.  We wish you all the best.

Parent of Great Beginnings

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My kids have gone here since they were 6 months old. Now at age 9 and 5, we had to sadly say goodbye. It was bittersweet because our babies are grown now and the ladies at Great Beginnings became family.

I totally recommend this daycare. Everyone is so sweet, loves your child while in you’re at work, and strive to help your child succeed. My kids know sign language, Spanish  and English because of this wonderful daycare. My son actually skipped kindergarten and went directly to 1st grade because of how much they educate your kids.

We share some very special memories there and for all of you there, we are deeply grateful. Thank you for loving my kids while we had to work. I knew they were in loving hands. Xo.

Rachel C.

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I love this school for my pre-schooler! They really work with the kids academically….4 years olds reading, adding and subtracting. I was blown away by what my 4 year old child can do with the instructors here. My son loves it, makes great friends and the prices are the best in the SCV!

Elaine B.

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I want to start by saying I have never been comfortable leaving my kids with anyone but family. Push came to shove and I was forced to find a daycare.

This daycare is AMAZING! My son had a hard time with me leaving every morning, the staff did a great job at making him comfortable around the other children and staff. Toward the end of the year he was running into the doors to play with the other kids.

Thank you for making my first daycare experience amazing!

Mandy M.

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I have trusted this facility and it’s employees with my children for nearly 17 years with my first son graduating in 2005 and currently with my youngest this 2019. The staff in the facility are truly caring and professional. There are various daycare service in Santa Clarita but Great Beginnings is hands down the best of the crop by a great margin! No need to look elsewhere, enroll here for your children’s positive growth, safety and your peace of mind!

Jace Blake F.

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This is the most amazing school/ daycare ever! I have a 5 year old and a one year old. I was so worried about leaving my children with strangers for the first time. But after just one day and seeing how amazing the staff was, I was put at ease! They are all so wonderful! I Absolutely love all of the staff! They say are all so great to my children !You can tell how much they enjoy working with the children. They have awesome activities during school and during their summer camp! My son has had so much fun doing arts and crafts, making treats and playing on the water slide. My daughter has been there since she was 4 months old. She had no problem with the transition of going vcd to daycare. It was like an instant connection to the staff. She loves playing with the other kids and the amazing woman who help run the place! It is truly a great environment. It is always so bright and inviting. I love how they decorate for every season and lesson. I am so blessed to have found this wonderful place for my children! I highly recommend them!

Renee T.

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2 of my kids have now gone to this school,  each for 3 years,  it is such a great pre school,  Ms Regina and Ms Rosie are always there and take care of everything,  the hours are great,  the place is always nice and clean,  the same teachers have been there for years,  i highly recommend it,  in over 5 years we’ve never had a single incident,  thank you Great Beginnings for doing a great job,  every single day!  They also teach the kids sign language,  dance, spanish,  etc,  fun summer time activities,  truly a great organization.  Thank you,  Much appreciated.

Ron S.

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I took a chance on this daycare because of its convenient  location as far as my commute to work goes. Now, its not as fancy as some other daycares and they do not go out of their way to sell themselves but the tuition is reasonable and they provide good value as far as teaching and taking care of my child is concerned.
It’s been well over year and I consider this daycare to be one of my many blessings. My infant is now a toddler. She has progressed through 4 classes and has learned a lot. What is even more important is that the principals and all the staff are caring and kind, and not to just my kid but to my whole family. When I drop my child off in the morning, I am confident that every teacher will do their best to keep her safe. Their job is not an easy one but they do it with great attitudes and love. I really couldn’t ask for more. Thank you Great Beginnings.

Helen Y.

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I have 2 children that attended and attend Great Beginnings (infant room to kindergarten.) The teachers are great and have been the same teachers for the past 6 years, this is not a a school of high turn over. (Something I truly value) All the teachers are kind and caring, go over and beyond what is standard care and make the kids feel welcome. Over the 8 years we have been there improvements are made constantly (new floors, toys, books) always looking for the newest ways to teach the children. Lunch is provided every day and a nap for kids through Pre-K. They changed the schedule for kindergarten with the children only napping for an hour (our child does not need anything longer) which has worked out well.

Every year they have programs which consist of dance, singing, and music. (Halloween and Christmas), along with Easter egg hunts and graduation. The summer program is fun for kids through kindergarten, entertaining activities such as Finger painting, paper plate art, shaving cream day, bubble shows. petting zoo, and our kids favorite water slide day!

When our son graduated from kindergarten he transferred to public elementary (1st grade) and had a wonderful transition. He missed the school but was ready and prepared.

I cannot imagine a better school, i started looking 8 years ago and have never heard of a better school. The schools Director is stellar and makes sure all your concerns and wants are met. I would highly recommend Great Beginnings for you childcare needs.

Jeannie R.

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As every parent knows, finding the right day care for your child can be very difficult, however, the moment I walked into Great Beginnings back in 2006 I knew I had found the perfect environment for my 15 month old son.  The school is very clean, the staff so friendly, warm and inviting. Everyone has a smile on their face, even the children. The school is very well rounded. There is playtime, art time, music and dance. Circle time in Spanish, amazing summertime activities, holiday programs and an exceptional emphasis on education!  My oldest son graduated from Kindergarten & my 5 year old son, who started here at 3 months old, is now part of the Kindergarten class.  We have thoroughly enjoyed these past 9 years at Great Beginnings. I highly recommend Great Beginnings as your child care provider.

Melissa M.

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Although it was my first daycare/preschool, I have to say there are no complaints!  Everyone here is amazing!!!  My 3 yr old has only been there 8 months, but the things he’s learned with the girls is mind blowing!  He has perfected potty training, learned his letters, learned how to write them, interpersonal skills and his vocabulary has sky-rocketed!  He loves being here and playing with his friends!  They have song-singing, dance time, spanish classes and 2 playgrounds that the kids love being outside on.  They include lunch and snacks in their already very good price, I don’t know how it gets any better!  They are very watchful and aware of the children.  I can honestly go on for days….the staff is amazing and my son loves it here.  We are sad to be moving away!

Alisa B.

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