Infant / Toddler


Great Beginnings provides a safe and tranquil environment for babies 2 months through 2 years of age. We provide multi sensory experiences, calming music, story time, and encourage your child to explore the world of color, shape, and texture through our educational toys. The nurturing environment in our infant and infant/toddler rooms enable meaningful one on one interaction with their caregiver. Daily tummy time and exercise is given to keep our littlest ones engaged and thriving. Understanding that your children are naturally curious, our teachers stimulate your little ones to constantly discover the world around them, develop new skills, and lovingly guide each child to explore their environment through the use of their senses.

Our infant and infant/toddlers have a beautifully shaded play area outside that allows each child to enhance their gross and fine motor skills, exercise, and experience different forms of play.  


Each baby is assigned his or her own crib with a specially fitted sheet to follow crib safety protocol. The crib is completely see-through for your childs safety, and a caregiver is present at all times. The babies nap as the need arises throughout the day.  Pacifiers are welcome as long as they do not have any attachments. Throughout the school, after each diaper change, the changing tables are sanitized. Each baby has their own designated area for their belongings including clothing, bottles, food and other personal objects.  If the teachers observe that a toy goes into a child’s mouth, they will pick-up the toy when the child is done and put it in a special cleaning solution, rinse, and air dry overnight before putting the toy back out to be played with.  


As we are a developmental school, with each age group we grow into a more structured environment. The infant/toddlers have a set schedule which includes one nap throughout the day from 1 to 3 p.m. The transition from the infant room to the infant/toddler is gradual to help your child ease into their new schedule. 

You will receive a daily report about your childs day if they are in the infant or infant/toddler room. This will include diaper changes, times they have a bottle feeding or food, and their nap schedule. All toys are washed throughout the day with a cleaning solution, and rinsed and air dried as needed, especially if the teachers see a toy in a childs mouth. All teachers who enter the infant and infant/toddler room are always wearing booties to protect your little ones. For the health and safety of your child, ALL food items must have your childs name and the date. All bottles in our infant and toddler rooms need to come pre-made with the childs name on the bottle, date, and the order in which the bottle should be given 1, 2, 3, 4. Breast milk can be frozen and the teacher will unfreeze and place it in a bottle. The ratios in the infant and toddler room are 4 infants per teacher. In the infant and infant/toddler rooms, parents are expected to fill out a Needs and Services Plan for their child upon entering the program and EVERY 3 months thereafter until their child moves into the preschool.